Our services

Capability Network's approach begins with us first understanding your business's needs and opportunities.  We then work alongside you to ensure the knowledge and passion to deliver are owned by your people. 

Our promise is to only recommend solutions that we truly believe will make a difference to your business - solutions that you can sustain yourself.  Success for us is that you can carry on without us.


Organisational Capability

We work with you to ensure your organisation's strategy can be achieved by aligning the people, roles and capabilities needed to succeed.

Through sound needs analysis we identify what will make the biggest difference to the performance of your people.

Examples include:

  • People & Capability 360 Needs Assessment:  Review the elements of your current people environment to create a road map to achieve your future goals.
  • Cultural Change Programmes:  Develop an approach to introduce culture change in your organisation, through staff engagement and change management principles.
  • Strategic Workforce Planning:  Develop clarity of your future role and capability needs to deliver your business strategy.  Provide you with the steps to take to align success.

Design Thinking

Design thinking or human-centered design is a unique approach to problem solving.

We use this approach to innovate new strategies, products, services and processes through the humans that use them - be it customers, staff or stakeholders.

The process is built so that participants learn directly from people, opening themselves up to new possibilities, then zero-ing in on what's most desirable, feasible and viable for the people being designed for.

We work with you to facilitate a design thinking approach that will help solve your unique problems or generate new opportunities.

Examples include:

  • Design Thinking Training:  Sharing the design thinking approach with your staff and applying the steps required so that they can creatively problem-solve.
  • Business Specific Challenges:  Facilitate workshops with your staff and customers to innovate solutions to a specific problem or opportunity.
  • Project Implementation:  Project manage the use of design thinking for in-house projects, so the solution delivers on your customer's true needs rather than assumed ones.

Change Management

Successful change management relies on people changing how they are thinking, what they are doing, perhaps how they do it, and even why they are doing it.

We remove the mystery from change by delivering practical approaches based on the science of the brain and how people learn.

Examples include:

  • Strategic Change Programmes:  Create the plan for how you introduce strategic or transformational change including; aligning culture, values, people and behaviours. 
  • Change Readiness Assessment:  Review your organisation's environment for change to identify the most effective methods to use for your specific business.
  • Change Leadership Capability:  Develop and coach your people in how to effectively lead change for successful adoption.
  • Project Change:  Develop change capability in your project team and provide a usable change framework and tools for implementation.
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Facilitation & Training

No-one likes to be told what to do.  Our facilitation and training techniques focus on creating understanding in people for WHY new ways of thinking and behaving are beneficial. 

Through generating these 'aha' moments, we positively engage people in building their capability or changing their approach.  This generates energy in them to grow themselves.  Then simple and practical development help show them how to get there.

Examples include:

  • Team Workshops:  Facilitate with specific teams to improve collaboration, re-align team purpose after a change or help newly formed teams to work together.
  • Development Programmes:  Facilitate leadership and management development programmes to lift the thinking and performance of existing and new leaders.  This includes both operational and general management level roles.
  • Soft Skills Training:  Deliver training in generic human skills including; coaching, training, customer service, interviewing and conflict resolution.
  • Bespoke Workshops or Training:  Design and deliver for your specific capability requirements e.g. implementing new sales approaches, introducing new company values and training in new technology.